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Wound Relief Ointment 50ml

Wound Relief Ointment 50ml

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Our Wound Relief Ointment helps in the relief and healing process from abrasions, wounds, eczema, mild burns, atopic skin, surgical incisions, and calluses.

  • Ideal for dogs with skin troubles, wounds, or calluses.
  • It can be used to prevent or treat lesions, on its own or in combination with the veterinary protocol.
  • As a treatment, it:
    • Provides instant relief and soothes compromised skin.
    • Accelerates the healing process.
  • As a preventative, it:
    • It can be used proactively by applying it to your pet's areas of potential discomfort to moisturise in depth to prevent predisposed skin cracks, discomfort, or irritations.


🌱 INGREDIENTS Incl: Olive oil, Aloe vera, Bentonite, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary Extract, Zinc, Tea Tree oil.

NOTE: Pure Tea Tree and/or very high content based-products are not recommended for use in cats, it possesses a distinctive aroma, where some of its constituents can be harmful to them. Our Wound Ointment, which includes Tea Tree, has a quantity of tea tree oil so low that it is well below any dangerous threshold, allowing cats to use this product without any concern of toxicity.


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