Are TD products certified?


What products does Top Dog produce?

Top Dog crafts natural grooming and pet care products of unparalleled quality. Our innovative, holistic approach blends the power of natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology, always respecting both pets and their human companions.

Our products come in two ranges:

  • For customers to use at home (75ml, 250ml and 200ml products)
  • For professionals to use within their pet business (200, 1L and 4L products)

What ingredients are in your products?

Our entire range is crafted from sustainable practices with a focus on natural ingredients. Key elements like organically cultivated aloe and Cretan olive oil provide deep hydration and skin care in most formulations, while herbal ingredients from trees and plants enhance the well-being of your pet's coat and skin.

See more on our Ingredients here.

Are your products safe for my pet?

Absolutely! Our hypoallergenic formulas and large quantities of natural ingredients show our priority for safe pet products. Our range is 100% free from any nasties like parabens, dyes, petroleum derivatives and alcohol. Rigorous checks and analyses guarantee flawless products that deliver on their promises of health, well-being, and beauty for your pets. Our award-winning line is a testament to our commitment.

Are your products natural, vegan or organic?

  • Natural products refer to products that are derived from natural sources, such as plants, minerals, or animal by-products (see point below), and are minimally processed.

Our products are made with high quantities of various natural ingredients. They do not contain substances that are harmful to pets, such as parabens, dyes, petroleum derivatives and alcohol.

  • Vegan products refer to products that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

Our products do not contain ingredients derived from animal derivatives and animal by-products such as animal milk, honey, collagen, lanolin or animal keratin.

Our Wound Relief Ointment is the only product that contains beeswax, because of its high anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Our beeswax is safely and sustainably sourced.

  • Organic products refer to products that that are produced using farming methods that avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics, and growth hormones.

All of our products natural ingredients (Aloe, Olive oil, Primrose, Mint, Tea Tree, Macadamia and more) are organically cultivated in their purest and unprocessed form.

However, all of our products make use of ultra-pure water. Water itself is not organic, as it does not possess any carbon in its molecular structure.

Our products also make use of the lowest threshold of preservatives in order to assist their shelf life. Please see FAQ below.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our products have a shelf life of up to 3 years from the date of production, provided they have not been opened and are kept in a place free from heat and humidity.

However, as we use the lowest threshold of preservatives, there is an expiration period for products related to when the package was opened.

Our fragrances are suitable for use up to 6 months after opening the package.

All of our other products are suitable for use up to 12 months after opening the package.

Do you test on animals?

No! None of our finished products nor their cultivated ingredients, have been, or ever will be, tested on animals.

Our products and their ingredients are tested through specialised processes and analyses to ensure the quality and safety of the products we produce. See point on certification.

Are your products certified?

Yes! Our company operates according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and has received certification from the LRQA organisation (formerly LLOYDS).

Top Dog follows the CLP regulation of the European Union regarding the production of cosmetic products and follows strict safety protocols in the Internal Quality Controls that are carried out for all our products, while at the same time each product has its own Safety Data Sheet in accordance with the European Regulation.

Finally, of utmost importance are the Microbiological and Chemical analyses that are carried out on each product, and then each batch, in order to ensure that you will always have an excellent product in your hands!

How will your products help my pet?

Top Dog's hypoallergenic shampoos enhance your fur baby's cleanliness, shine, beauty, and freshness. Our comprehensive range caters to specific needs like sensitive, irritated, or atopic skin, damaged coat reconstruction, painless dead hair removal, odor management, and more.

We treat each pet as an individual with its own needs and not as a generalised member of the breed it belongs to, therefore all our formulas are based on data derived from veterinary research and data and are not based on general cosmetology techniques that concern the human body.

Are your products only for dogs?

We believe a range of animals deserve top pet care products. Our products can be used on dogs, cats and horses.

Consult the instructions written on our products* or ask the professional seller / groomer to find the right product for your own pet taking into account its needs.

*The products we recommend for dog use only are from the Citronella range (not yet available in the UAE) and Oral Care Spray.

* Our Wound Ointment, which includes Tea Tree, has a quantity of tea tree oil so low it is well below any dangerous threshold, allowing cats to use this product without any concern of toxicity.

How do I use the products?

All our products have instructions for use and grooming on the packaging. Alternatively, we will be happy to contact us to answer any questions you may have!

When will my order be delivered?

We work on a turnaround of delivery within 48 hours. If your order is placed:

  • Before 12:00 midday: it will be processed that afternoon for dispatch for the following day.
  • After 12:00 midday: it will be processed the following morning for dispatch that afternoon or for the following day.

Orders placed on Fridays may only be delivered the following Monday.

Please ensure your contact number is submitted in your order as we will contact you if there are any changes to delivery times or days due to circumstances out of our control.

I'm a pet care professional, can we partner up?

Absolutely, it is no secret that we also distribute to professionals in the field of pet care!  If you would like to offer your clients top-notch products for healthy and happy pets, please get in touch so we can welcome you to the world of Top Dog!