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Wet Pet Bundle

Wet Pet Bundle

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Introducing your ultimate solution for rainy days! This bundle includes 4 must-have products to keep your furry friend fresh and clean after outdoor adventures in the rain.

Say goodbye to wet-dog smells with our effective Dry Cleaning, 3in1 Skin and Coat Care spray and Fragrance while our home fabric refresher eliminates any lingering odors brought in by the weather. Keep your indoor space smelling beautiful and your pet looking and feeling their best with our Wet Pet Bundle!


Dry Cleaning Pet Shampoo, 150ml
The waterless-wash must-have! Dry Cleaning is a gentle foam shampoo for instant wipe downs of muddy marks or stains on your pet's paws and coat. It smells incredible, too!

Ear & Skin Care 3in1, 150ml
Apart from its ear and skin cleaning action, this spray is a powerful coat / fur deoderizer. It instantly cuts through that 'wet dog' smell that develops after outdoor water exposure.

Baby Powder Fragranced Pet Lotion 75ml
Baby Powder Pet Fragrance refreshes and moisturises the coat, giving off a divine baby-powder scent.

Pet Fabric Refreshener 300ml
This incredible fabric and home spray will instantly neutralise unpleasant odours that develop indoors from rainy weather due to doggos, or their humans, being indoors all day. It can be used on carpets, curtains, sofas, floors, dog beds, carrier bags, car seats, fabrics, clothes, shoes, pet pillows, toys, and other surfaces.

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