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Ultimate Hair Repair Bundle

Ultimate Hair Repair Bundle

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This is the ultimate hair-repair set for pets with longer, dryer or damaged coats in need of deep nourishment. The set will cleanse and continuously condition the coat to ensure ample time for repair and rebuilding.


Keratin Complex Pet Shampoo, 250ml
Created to meet the demands of longer, dryer, or damaged coats that require extra nourishment and repair, this shampoo cleanses and repairs damaged hair, reduces hair loss and deeply moisturises the coat. It provides a polished and silky coat due to its high content of hydrolyzed Plant keratin, bio-active Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil.
Repair Leave-in-Mask 200ml
A miraculous non-oily leave-in mask that is rich in proteins, plant ceramides and active amino acids to repair the pet's damaged coat. As it does not need rinsing, the product provides continuous repair and improvement days after use. Its antistatic agents help with effective and painless detangling.
Easy Comb 150ml
Easy Comb Pet Styling Spray is an effectual antistatic lotion for easy and painless everyday combing. Thanks to the plant-based Keratin and softening agents, it eliminates static electricity and prevents frizz and rippled hair.



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