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Oral Care Hygiene Spray 75ml

Oral Care Hygiene Spray 75ml

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Oral Care is an oral hygiene spray that prevents plaque formation and reduces bad breath in pets.

  • Ideal for dogs with noticeably bad breath.
  • A mild strawberry flavour.
  • Instantly reduces bad breath.
  • It continues to protect your dog's teeth and prevent plaque and bacteria buildup.
  • Recommended use:
    • 1-2 sprays for day-to-day doggy breath.Ā 
    • For dogs with very bad breath, we suggest multiple sprays to cover as much of the surface of the teeth as possible.

IDEAL FOR PETS: šŸ¶ only.

šŸŒ± INGREDIENTS Incl: Chlorophyll, Colloidal silver, Red Willow Bark Extract, Glycerinn and Sorbitol.

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